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Default Q & A with Cro Copís former manager: The Man Who Brought Down PRIDE

Part I

Part II

Mirko's response

Very interesting read.
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DW Liverkick
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Cro Cop seems shook by the whole thing, which makes sense, honestly.

I do tend to side with Miro's point of view on the whole thing since he's out of the fight world, then again, bitter grapes are bitter grapes.
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I think the truth is somewhere in between. But Mirko's reaction is stupid, he denies that he ever did business with Mijatović, but there are tons of photos and news articles that proves otherwise. He confirmed it on numerous occasions back in those days.

I mean, here they are, side by side at press conference:

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Full English version of Mirko's response:

Mirko Filipović is busy these days with his final preparations for the grand K-1 WGP Final to be held on March 15 in Zagreb Arena, but his peace is somewhat disturbed by certain allegations that have recently appeared on the web, coming from an individual who accuses Mirko of various immoral acts, such as asking for his payment to be doubled after arriving at a stadium and seeing it was crowded.

Cro Cop has decided to react and deny all those claims.

"There is a text published online in which a certain Miro Mijatović talks some things about me, gives my psychological profile or whatever, and in one part of his blathering even slanders me and makes up some crazy stuff.

"Unfortunately, I must react because the man publicly calls me out and talks nonsense and lies that no one could put up with. I've said many times that all those who want publicity should promote themselves with their results and achievements, and calling out people for something that's got nothing to do with anything, just to get somewhere or see their own name, is really pathetic. I'm writing this for people who respect me and follow my career because I can't allow some deadbeats to come unprovoked at me and talk crap about me.

"I've met this Mijatović sometime in early 2002. I don't remember anymore who introduced us, but the man started to offer his services in negotiations since he lived in Japan and spoke Japanese fluently. I refused this because I wasn't born yesterday so I'd need some mediators to 'negotiate' for me and pinch a little something for themselves. So much for his 'successful' advocating and 'management'.

"Before each fight he used to wait for me in the hotel lobby and afterwards he'd try to get into our company for dinner, and I have to admit he did help me there, with ordering meals, since he spoke Japanese. And that's all. Then he started to elbow his way around Fedor and those guys fucked him off too. And now this guy is talking some 'inside' information - I mean, come on.

"If Stipe hadn't told me about this, I'd never have thought of the man again. Only an idiot can say I agreed to 150,000$ and when I got to stadium I asked for 300,000$. If anything, I'm neither that crazy nor brave, because those guys would probably put me in concrete somewhere in the Tokyo port, and they would have the right to do so.

"This is the truth: when we negotiated for that fight some months before, they offered 130,000 and I asked 150,000. They didn't agree and we said we'd hear from each other on that matter. Three weeks later, the Japanese call me and I say I got injured in training, which was true, I fucked up my back in wrestling and I received therapy from Dr Bučan. And Bučan tells me it's no big deal, only I should rest for 2-3 weeks.

"So, I tell the Japanese that the doctor recommended me to rest and that it would be best for them to find a replacement for me. They start laughing and say: "Ok, ok, we'll pay 150,000". And I'm saying, "You didn't understand me, I'm in a lot of pain, the price is 300,000." And these guys get pissed off, but they called me another day and agreed to it. And that's it. And stories, like, I came to the stadium, saw it was full and then blackmailed people are just rubbish coming from a fool, just like everything else he driveled. But if that makes him happy, or if he got some dough on account of that, let him have it."
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