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Manhoef coming up. Can't do all of them, it will take ages
Thanks Mago.

Melvin Manhoef
What's your opinion that you're not fighting Aerts?

Bummer of course, not able to fight one of the biggest stars... If someone like me - someone who is relatively new in the K-1 scene - can fight against someone like Aerts, then that's something like a 'crown on my work' (translated literally, I think you can understand what he means). That's the way I see it, but it's a bummer still.

You're fighting Bonjasky now, made any changes in the preparation?
Yes, he fights different than Aerts. It was a change for me, but that's why you're a fighter.

Bonjasky has won the K-1 twice...
Yes, but he does not have the status that Hoost and Aerts have. You can tell me anything you want, but Ernesto and Peter are the pioneers of K-1. He may have won it twice, but that means less to me. When I was young I really looked up to Ernesto and Peter and we basically almost started the same and he* grew further. (*Guess he means Remy with he? Bit of a strange sentence) I already fought him, so to me it's less interesting to fight him again, really. But, now that the rematch is getting closer it's starting to get fun again. Back then it was my first heavyweight fight with, well, not that much experience. I have more experience now, so I can see if I have grown in the meantime.

You're not that heavy for a heavyweight...
I'm 88kg. But yeah, I knocked guys out who were 120kg. Karaev as well. Against Sefo I lost focus a little bit, I made a mistake there. I spar pretty well with Bjorn, I'm very prepared.

Remy is taking his knees out of the fridge again... (translated literally, means Remy will start using his knees again after a period in which he did not use his knees a lot, see Remy's interview.)
Yes, I'm prepared for everything. Whether they are freezing or thawed (thaw, took this word from the dictionary hehe), I don't care.

About the height difference
He is indeed taller, but Bjorn is also 2 meters (6'7) and I can hit him too.

How are you experiencing the transition from MMA to K-1?
I have a contract for MMA and next to that I have to fight a K-1 match once or twice. It can just come and then I have to fight. The transition is difficult. Because my main goal is to become Dream champion. I'm busy with groundtraining only really. You can see, the last time I made my first takedown, so yeah (laughs), people should stay focused. On the ground I'm training with guys like Remco Pardoel, Frederik van Oosterom, Jason Jones, American Top Team (Jayz).

American Top Team?
Yes, I will train there one to two months with the guys. The first time I went there I just wanted to quit fighting. I was getting folded up and thrown around by 60kg guys and thought what the hell is this... I was fighting everyone and I couldn't do anything. Now it's going much better. You're there with about 50 black belts. If we have two in The Netherlands we're lucky, the level is just much higher there. The first two weeks I couldn't do anything, but after the third week I was able to push someone off and I was so happy (Melvin has a big smile). The training is also a bit different, (stamina and strength) and I bring those methods back home.

Are you still doing the infamous circuittraining that we saw on the day?
Yes, I do those as well. It only became a little tougher.

Are you going to fight in the UFC, possibly against Anderson Silva?
I don't know. I just signed a contract for three years with K-1. UFC already offered me a contract once but I didn't take it. I can fight somewhere else, I may be 'rented' I believe, but I don't know how that's implemented in my contract.

Dream tournament
I'm also fighting in the Dream tournament. Well, I can qualify for that on May 11. My opponent will be Ralec Gracie.

Gegard Mousassi would like to fight you to prove he's the number one
He can (may) do that, then I'll won't fight against Dennis Kang. Then we'll meet in the finals.

Damn this was a long one

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